Numerous advantages derive from the utilisation of the modular approach offered by Tozzi Sud; specifically, this approach allows delinking the building activities at the destination site from the construction of the buildings themselves.

The main advantages obtained are:
  • Significant reduction of the overall construction time of the plant;
  • Starting the construction of the integrated building before the completion of the civil or structural works of the plant that will contain it;
  • Building a plant subdivided into transportable sections; this simplifies the installation activity and greatly decreases construction cost and time. This construction system is especially advantageous in particularly unfavourable areas where productivity is low and/or the weather conditions allow working for only a few months per year.
  • Collaboration with a partner having specific know-how and capable of offering technical solutions already tested;
  • Delegating to a team of experts the management of the interfaces of the installations and equipment contained in the building or module;
  • Obtaining an end product fully tested and ready for installation, thus limiting the risks and uncertainties during the commissioning and start-up phase;
  • Dealing with a single source supplier. It should be kept in mind that the construction of an “Integrated Modular Building" of average size requires over 1200 sub-orders for the purchase of materials that traditionally would be managed directly by the Customer's staff with a high commitment of resources and an increase of the related risks.