The IMB "Integrated Modular Buildings" offered by Tozzi Sud are modules capable of housing instrumentation and/or services to be integrated into all types of industrial plants.
Tozzi Sud offers completely integrated Modular Buildings, directly managing the entire study of the systems that they contain and the relations with the suppliers.

The modular construction approach allows a significant reduction of construction time and savings in engineering and management resources. Each module can be built at the same time as the civil or structural works necessary to the plant that will receive it and will be delivered ready for installation, fully tested, and complete of everything.
All modules are designed to satisfy the Customer’s various requirements, with special attention to the design specifications.

Tozzi Sud offers technical-engineering solutions already tested and improved through years of experience in the sector. It adds technical requirements and attention to all details to the perfect execution and it delivers a product expressing all the professionalism of a sector-leading company.
Tozzi Sud boasts a considerable know-how in the off-shore oil & gas market and offers its customers a fully integrated end product, operational and carefully built under all points of view.

General characteristics of the Integrated Modules
  • Applications for extreme temperature and weather conditions (from -40°C to +55°C)
  • Applications for dusty and desert environments
  • Applications for marine and highly corrosive environments
  • Classification in accordance with fire resistance (from A60 a H120) pursuant to the international standards SOLAS, Lloyd Register, ABS, Russian Maritime Register, and ROK
  • Structural applications resistant to a Jet Fire (from J15 to J45)
  • Applications suitable for hazardous areas, also in accordance with ATEX, GOST, UL, and IEC
  • Blast-resistant applications, Blast Proof
  • Special applications for utilisation in indoor and outdoor environments contaminated by toxic gases (H2S or other)